Skinny laMinx & Wren Collaboration

In this design collaboration, carefree prints & colours from Skinny laMinx come to life on Wren products.

Inspired by a midcentury mosaic mural on the public bathrooms on Beach Road on the Sea Point Promenade.


The Sea Point Promenade really is my favourite place to take a walk. There’s so much to see! Waves & surfers, paragliders & windblown trees, dads with prams & nurses with wheelchairs, doggos & joggers all making up a passing parade that’s one of the enduring pleasures of Cape Town life.” Heather Moore, designer of Skinny laMinx

Wren Squarewallet promenade open
Wren Laptopsleeve Promenade Open Hand

A reminder to go slow and take notice of the beauty that is around you everyday, the second design is called Meander.

Wren Meander PaperTubs Set Styled Lowres
Wren Laptopsleeve set
Wren TravelFolder Meander Open lres
Wren notebook meander front

The designs are screenprinted in playful colours and the range is complemented with solid colours mixed and matched with hidden pocket colour highlights.

Wren Squarewallet lemon withbox
Wren Lemon ipad front open

Wren PaperTub Yellow Set Lowres
Wren Travelfolder lemon openfull
Wren PaperTub Persimmon Single Styled Lowres
Wren travelfolder persimmon handheld

Wren Notebook persimmon open
Wren Squarewallet persimmon open
Wren Teal LaptopSleeve set
Wren Teal ipadtablet set

Wren Teal LaptopSleeve Flat open empty
Wren Squarewallet teal openwithhand
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