100% Cotton Rope Straps

100% Cotton Rope Straps


Using rope is that is 100% cotton and locally grown from South African farmers who are members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) we craft sling and wrist straps that can easily attach to any WREN sleeve transforming them into sling, crossbody or clutch bags.


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How to attach your strap

1. Locate Eyelets on the WREN Sleeve: Each WREN sleeve has two small eyelets punched into each side of the middle pocket under the flap.

2. Attach Strap using Trigger-Snap Hooks: The uniquely molded trigger-snap hooks are designed to easily clip onto the eyelets on the WREN sleeve. Simply attach the hooks to the eyelets on either side of the middle pocket under the flap.

Hand crafted

  • Using our unique ProtectPaper™reinforced with fiber cloth, two strong sliders are stitched for detail and to hold the strap ends in place.
  • The edges of these are hand-painted with a unique recipe of silicon and acrylic.
  • The end of the rope is also dipped in a similar liquid to prevent it from unravelling.