A Crafters Dream Collection

Bridget, the founder of Cowgirlblues, and I met many years ago at international trade show. We became friends over our shared love for creativity, natural and travel.

We have talked about coming together and designing a range of products especially for crafters for many years. Combining Wren’s unique paper process and the high quality of Cowgirlblues mohair and merino wools, valueing the honest tactile feed of both of our products. It seemed a natural fit and we are incredibly proud and excted to share this new, unique and exciting range of accessoires (4 to be exact) with you. we know that you will love it as much as we do when you try them out.

Stylish. Simple. Spacious. What more could you want in a project bag? It has external pockets on both sides, a roomy, lined interior and a magnetic closure. Keep everything you need in one place, whether you’re at home or getting out and about.

Organising your tools won’t get easier than this. With elastic straps and hidden magnets your crafters tool box is neatly designed to store all your important tools in one place. No more “where are my scissors” or “I can’t find a darning needle”.

The pocket triangle is the perfect place to keep your most used crafting bits & bobs. Think stitch markers, safety pins, needle stoppers, and more. Each triangle snaps closed with a smart magnet, and you can easily open it with one hand!

Organising your knitting needles (or your handbag!) has never been easier. Whether you’re on the move or on the couch, your needle pouch will come in handy. The stitched compartments of various sizes are great for needles, cables, needle gauge, and more, and two smart magnets keep it closed.

The makers’ story : what makes the collection special

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The Tool Boxes are my personal favourite product because developing them felt like a sequence of magic moments. We started with a cardboard “box that we wanted to open flat. It required many samples to be developed filled with folded angles and orgimai of a new level. When we got it right, it felt like we had a practical Paper Fortune Teller. Another magical moment in the making process was when we discovered by accident that the needles were attracted to the magnets, making them easy to access so we added this into one of the surfaces. These toolboxes are absolutely divine!

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A new adventure for us was making our product offering more “beautiful”. Bridget drew some beautiful outline artworks of flowers she saw on her daily walks up Table Mountain in Cape Town. We transferred these drawings onto stamps that we handstamp the interior of each Cowgirlblues X Wren Crafting product in a cheerful colour story. Each product is unique with this loving hand touch.