Antique Linen Zipper Pouches

All three sizes

The antique linen grain sack fabric is so beautiful that I never throw a piece away – no matter how small. This box has grown past overflowing so in an effort to regain some space in the WREN studio room I decided to make these Linen Zipper Pouches.

Small ind

Keeping true to myself (in other words, complicating things), each purse is unique and has a matching zip and rimpie (leather cord) according to the stripe colour of the grain sack.If there is no stripe colour then I let the fabric texture and colour inspire a colour zip.

The Linen Zipper Pouches come in three sizes: small (which is really only for lipgloss or coins – it’s cute); medium (which is my favourite size becuase it is great for your wallet and “stuff”, and perfect to give as a present with a little something inside); big (which makes a great cosmetics bag).

..and each Linen Zipper is lined with natural linen becuase it just looks nicer.

Small open

You can buy them from my etsy shop here.