Branded Sleeves

It is possible!

Design Indaba Printed Sleeve

In the beginning we thought a normal stamp pad would work. Then we discovered that because the ink is water based even our nano spray would not seal it enough to prevent the ink smudging. Out of time and because it was a public holiday and no shops were open we had no option but to get creative. The solution was to cut open several permanent marker pens and use the felted inside tube (cut open) as a stamp pad (working quickly because it dries very quickly).

Artline pens 2

We believed that there had to be some sort of permanent ink pad out there and it did not take too long to find it:- ask the right people, persevere and then wait. We now have this very expensive ink pad that dries up almost as quickly BUT it is permanent and the black of the stamp is really black which we think looks great. Now anything is possible!

Design Indaba - working with permanent ink

The ink is also available in two other colours: blue and green.

The lead time is 2-3 working days if we have stock of the sleeves.



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  1. Jesse says:

    Scrapbooking shops sell stamp pads in almost any colour you can think of, and the ink is permanent. Try Versafine for pads that last a very very long time.

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