Classic Antique Linen Bag

It is about time I reintroduced the Classic Antique Linen Bag to the Wren range. Since the photoshoot I have kept them in a dark space in my studio waiting for the edited photographs to arrive so that I could offer you both the beautiful image and the bag in it.

I think it was worth the wait.

Calm, refined, minimal – just as it is, no pretense. The Classic Antique Linen Bag is definitely THE bag that I always sought. It is my favourite.


Photographer: Ricardo Van Lingen
Model: Judy Lotter
Make-up: MAC
Clothing from The Space, Cavendish, Dress; ALC Tunic.



One thought on “Classic Antique Linen Bag

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    Liz says:

    Just going through your blog to see if you’ve got something new…but just say: I’ve had this bag for 3 (maybe more!?) years, and I STILL love it. It’s been washed a million times, and it always comes out looking great. I use it every day, and every day, it makes me smile.
    Thank you!

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