Drink and Draw

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 08.57.07

Our studio mates, Andrew and Bernice from Metaphoria hosted a “Drink and Draw” event last night at our studio. To spice things up a little they took their skills to some of our Natural Sleeves using permanent markers. Here are some of the sleeves…

Bunny sleeve

Above: Gold Bunny Tablet Sleeve by Inka Kendzia


Gold Sleeve

Above: Gold Disaster iPad Mini Sleeve by Lindsay Donaldson


In the Sky Sleeve

Above: The Mouse from Lolo’s iPad Mini Sleeve by Luan.


Z Sleeve

Above: Lego Lian Neeson back by Andrew Donaldson and “Z” for Zaid iPad Sleeve by Lucas Can Vuuren.

Be Cool

Above: Little Red Dog iPad Sleeve by Jonathan.


Ideas Sleeve

Above: Crazy Ideas iPad Mini Sleeve by Kim Taylor