Exhibiting at Ambiente 2017 under the banner of Ethical Style

We are proud to announce that Wren is a certified Ethical Style exhibitor for Ambiente 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany!

Ethical Style exhibitors are recognised for their outstanding commitment to sustainable design principles. Wren is dedicated to creating beautiful, sustainable products out of recycled paper. All of our bags and sleeves are handmade by local entrepreneurs in an effort to support and sustain South African artisans.

Thank you, Ambiente! We are looking forward to a fantastic show at the beginning of February. View our Ambiente profile here.

Ambiente awards responsible manufacturers in the following categories:

Eco-Friendly Materials
Products from environmentally friendly materials such as renewable raw materials with low environmental impact throughout their life cycle or organically certified products

Eco-Optimised Production
Optimised, resource-friendly production processes, e.g. in the energy, water and waste sectors

Fair & Social Production
Products that are manufactured in social facilities and/or under socially responsible conditions and/or fair trade conditions and that promote social and/or cultural development in the producer countries

Re-/Upcycling Design
Products whose raw materials are designed for recycling or that are processed into new products from used or no longer usable waste materials

Handmade Manufacturing
Products that are handmade and that maintain and promote craft skills

Lifecycle Concept
Products that are created to be repairable and updateable and that are recyclable or compostable

Sustainable Innovation
Products that through their innovative nature (process, material, solution) help to conserve resources, e.g. quantity of raw materials, waste, energy and water