I live at my work

I thought it might be nice to share my little 2×2 work space with you. The picture below is me sewing on my sewing machine (that is on permanent loan from my mom) in the kitchen of my flat. It is a really tiny space but works well.

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When I put together the bag stories I cover my flat floor with fabric. I love this part of the process and it usually takes me a whole day because I create such a mess.

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In a nutshell (literally) this is where I put the Wren Bags together.

Often people ask me how I manage to tune-out from work and a truthful answer is that I do not. This is partially out of choice because I enjoy working so technically it is not work. However, in the same breathe I think it is important to have that divide. Every evening I pack up all my Wren fabrics and close my laptop but it often does not help. Basically I do not work at home but rather, I live at work. One of my biggest goals is to have a studio; a space that I can create in and not have to live in. I hope that this is not too far away.

0 thoughts on “I live at my work

  1. Steffi says:

    Yes, I know what you mean….I wish I had a own room for me and my fabrics too where I could sew.I have my things which I need to sew (fabrics and much more) in our cellar … and my sew machine in in our kitchen.But that isn´t a good idea because I must always to clear all when we cooking or eat.I like to see your creative Chaos ;O))!
    Next year I will be a bad mom … and I will use Anne´s room for some months for my hobby ;O)!

  2. Kim Gray says:

    oh I love this, I can totally relate – sometimes I have bags of stuff all over my flat before a shoot! Must get some of your bags for a shoot some time ;)

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