Inspiration Desk Spaces

With many of us working from home these days you want your deskspace to be an inspiration. With Wren products and these handy tips you can easily make your desk look like something out of a magazine.

DSC 2599 medium scaled

Tip 1. Mix textures to balance the hard smooth textures of tech with soft matt textures of our paper products to create a harmonious work space.

Tip 2. Organise like objects together, in similar shapes. For example, use a large Paper Tub for a desk plant and a medium Paper Tub for all of your stationery.

Tip 3. Create a colour scheme of no more than three colours to create a sense of calm at your desk.

DSC 4515

Tip 4: Every day write only three things you plan to achieve that day. Yes, we know – the to-do list is much longer than three items but the idea is that if you write down the three most important ones you will get them done and have time for others. The day will feel like an instant success!

Tip 5: Write daily inspirational messages on your Paper Tub as a reminder each day to keep smiling and be grateful for little moments of joy.

DSC 4338 scaled

Tip 6: Bring the outdoors inside with you with indoor plants and paper based products.

Tip 7: Ditch the sticky notes and keep only one notebook for everything. You seperate your notebook into categories and write random notes from the back and prominent notes in the front. Or have seperate notebooks for various topics. With Wren notebooks you can doodle and write title descriptions on the front making it easy to identify work projects.

DSC 4513

Tip 8: Every day when you are finished, close your laptop and put it away – we suggest in a slim Wren sleeve. It will help you wrap up the work day and focus on spending some much required you and/or family time.

Tip 9: Have a drawer. Whether it is in your desk, or like our desks at the Wren studio where we bought a floating shelf to use as laptop raises, the drawer creates a hide-a-way place where you can put all the bits and bobs that clutter up your space.

Tip 10: We love paper trays. Buy a simple one in a matching colour to your desk colour-scheme and you can vertically store all your papers. It will help you find documents quickly and keep your desk space free for note-taking.

DSC 4522

Remember: You work all day so that you can do what you love and not so that you can work all day doing what you hate. This is one more reason why making your desk space inspirational should be important to you!