Introducing the 13″ and 17″ Cement Laptop Bag

Since introducing the laptop bag I have discovered that a lot of people have 17″ laptops (and not all of them creatives as I would have thought). The main reason I have not made one before is becuase two cement packaging bags need to be cut open and used becuase the 15″ pattern JUST fits on one cement packaging bag. However, after several requests I decided to make one so here it is, no more disappointed faces. :)

Rapo All sizes and 17I couldn’t believe how great the 17″ bag looked. I half expected it to look large and cumbersome but it took me by complete surprise becuase it actually looks really great. The proportions work well and I like that you can see a bit more of the design than with the other sizes.

The 17″ bag is 42cm (length) X 28cm (height) X 6cm (width)

The 15″ bag is 38cm (length) X 26,5 (height) X 6cm (width)

At the same time I developed the 13″ becuase, well, why not? I was already making the pattern bigger, why not smaller.

The 13″ bag is 34cm (length) X 25,5 (height) X 6cm (width)

Surebuild All sizes

The new size bags are listed in my etsy store and you can buy them from Casamento in Salt River, Cape Town or The Fringe Arts in Kloof St & at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. If you are South African but are not in Cape Town and am a bit confused by the dollars on etsy, please email me for the price in ZAR.