Introducing the Paper Tote Range

It is about time we added a product to our paper range so here it is: upcycled paper packaging of corn starch, flour and desiccated coconut. Say hello to THE TOTE RANGE.

The paper is treated like with the PPC Cement Laptop Bags but a little bit different. For one, the fusing is lighter so the feel is more paper-like. My favourite part of this bag is the dramatic contrast of colour and just how much you can fit in this bag! It’s a school teachers dream!

Horizontal flyer individual bowman for newsletter

The Bowmans Paper Tote – made from flour packaging and edged with a deep red strap (with white stitching) and a deep red canvas base.

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Horizontal flyer individual coconut newsletterThe Coconut Paper Tote – made from desiccated coconut packaging and edged with an apple green strap (with sand-coloured stitching) and an apple green canvas base.

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Horizontal flyer individual amaryl newsletter

The Amaryl Paper Tote – made from cornstarch packaging and edged with an black strap (with bright yellow stitching) and a black canvas base. This one is my favourite.

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