Landscape Map Art

Searching through my stack of maps for a tiny town called Nieu-Bethesda I was inspired to do something creative.

Map Collage in Lounge

My studio room was full of maps that I had sorted into colours, areas and sizes (according to the Gift Map Bag patterns) and using the different scales and colours to show perspective I spent the afternoon cutting, sitting and arranging.

For the sky I used the aeronautical maps that border on the shorelines. Part of the sky is the Atlantic Ocean and part of it is the Indian Ocean.

Needless to say I did not find Nieu-Bethesda on any of my maps (it just snuck off the borders) but our sitting room no longer has a large empty white wall so it was, in a different way, a very successful afternoon.

To see more photographs visit the flickr gallery.

0 thoughts on “Landscape Map Art

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    Danya says:

    Why Nieu Bethesda in particular, may I ask? (Not that I’m disputing its value – I’ve stayed twice at a farm in the area; it’s a beautiful, wonderfully peaceful place!)

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