Moving …on

This weekend I moved. From Fish Hoek to Lakeside.

There are many good things about this move but clearing a space that you loved is never without its heart wrenching moments. Even with blank walls and empty floor there are features of this old house and of my space that I wish I could take, but cannot.

This is the lock on the interleading door between the two rooms. The doors were once painted (as was the trend many years ago). Stripped, this beautiful lock revealed a stamp: ‘Manufactures Beddow & Sturvey, Original No 60′. Click on the image to zoom in.

This door and lock has not yet been stripped.

The house has 3 beautiful free standing cupboards. The one I had in my space is either from Art Nouveau times or inspired by it. There used to be a toggle to open the cupboard door but they got lost and I made a poor improvisation by sliding a key ring onto them. It worked but does not add to the aesthetics.

I love the curves of the window handles. As you can see, the windows too have been painted several times, once blue like all beach houses and now white.

This is the latch of the top window. It does not work very well anymore as the clip has come loose and is held with one screw. But it is these niggly things that make this house special and treasured for its age and memories.

0 thoughts on “Moving …on

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    Jesse says:

    You’re so right, it’s these little details that really make a place feel like home. (I also took photos of door handles and light switches when we moved out of our last place.) I hope you feel at home in your new house soon!

  2. Ruth says:

    What a great posts with all those lovely photos. It conjurs up a feeling of nostalgia. Happy new home. I’m sure it too will have many treasures.

  3. Florcita says:

    I absolutely love all those doors and their handles. I love old houses with history and a melange of styles added along the way. Why did you leave such a beautiful place?
    I also love how all things southafrican -or many things I shouls say- have this mixture of dutch and english. I do understand the historial reasons for it, but it still surprises me whtn I read a mixture of english and dutch like Fish hoek… you must live in a very interesting -albeit contradictory at times- society.

  4. wendren says:

    It was time for me to move. The ‘flat’ I lived in was a separated part of the family home that is now for sale. It was either now or later that I would have to move and my logic was:- rather now that it is my choice rather than one where I have no choice and the goodbye would be more emotional. I am now living with with Jeremy in lakeside and I have a much bigger working space which is terrific. Maybe one day I will be able to buy Number 60 back but until then… qua sera sera, what will be, will be.

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