Our award winning stand at exhibition at Sarcda Christmas

When collections like these are put together it is hard not to stand back and have a huge grin on ones face as one reflects on just how talented creatives (and business owners) in South Africa are.

Signatures at Sarcda 2015

The CBI together with SEDA and the CCDI organised and facilitated an award winning stand (Silver) at SARCDA this year.

Below is our stand and you can see our new design in the bottom right hand corner!

The Wren Design at Sarcda 2015

Here are the exhibitors I shared the fair with:

Evolution at Sarcda 2015

Feeling African at Sarcda 2015

Elemetals at Sarcda 2015

Design Afrika at Sarcda 2015

Barrydale at Sarcda 2015

Arthur K at Sarcda 2015

Africa Ignite at Sarcda 2015

Zizamele Ceramics at Sarcda 2015

Cake Goed at Sarcda 2015

Minima at Sarcda 2015

Lidi Ada Naturals at Sarcda 2015


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