Our Origami Face Mask DIY Tutorial

One long day during lockdown level 5, trying to develop Wren mask patterns (read more about the journey here), a friend called and reminded me that sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. I laughed at this becuase nothing is ever simple with me. However, magic happens when a complex concept arrives at a simple place and this is what happened with this mask pattern: 4 days of development to present a paper mask that can be folded in 2 minutes with materials on your desk. 

What you need:

  • An a4 piece of paper
  • 60cm of string or ribbon
  • basic stationery: ruler, pencil, scissors and stapler.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fold A4 piece of paper in half longways
  2. Mark 12cm down on folded edge and 3cm down on edge of paper
  3. Connect two marks in an arc and cut shape out
3cm folded band

4. Open up mask/paper and fold 3cm band down from top of mask

unusual fold

5. On each side, fold backwards from the 3cm mark to create a reverse pleat.Make sure to create pleat not from center fold but about 1.5cm from the center fold. See video for clear visual.

6. Cut x2 30cm pieces of string and staple one to each side of the mask (on the band and securing the folded pleats). With the ties attached your mask is ready to be worn.

**Recommended single use. Dispose of responsibly after use. 

***These masks have not been tested medically.

Next level: fold a second mask out of paper towel and line your mask by stapling the two together.

Wren Origami Face Mask 1

The idea of this pattern is that it can be made by anybody, with very little skill (it is not a complicated origami pattern especially when you are familiar with the folds). Please share this video with others so that they too can protect themselves and others. Together we need to work, fight and protect.

Wren’s Classic Masks

At Wren we take things to the next level – using this pattern we add two coatings of Si02 and Si02Ag to make the surface water resistant and anti-microbial (meaning it inhibits and kills bacteria cells). A soft cotton lining is fused, ties and edges carefully stitched and details debossed. The final product is the Wren Classic Mask.