Paper Tubs

Yet another why not?
We made a cylinder with fused paper and fabric lining. Just for ourselves.
It worked and we found the containers pretty handy in our studio for keeping bits and pieces together such as cables, random small things that pile up on your desk, pens, threads….
You can even put a plant inside (in a water tight container first of course).

We love how these paper containers have organised our desktops and added colour and print.
We love them so much that we thought we should make them available in our shop for you!
Check them out here.

Wren’s Paper Tubs are made with cement paper that is fused to be durable so that we can cut, fold and stitch; and cotton canvas.

The tubs are completely reversible so you can decide if you want the solid colour on the outside, or the plain paper.

Or printed paper in the case of our limited editions.

Tall: 20cm (h) with a 14cm square base
Medium: 17cm (h) with a 12cm square base
Short: 10cm (h) with a 12cm square base

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