Sheepskin Slippers

I adore my sheepskin slippers made by my boyfriend Jeremy and his mom Frith. Jeremy cuts and punches the slippers and Frith, who has been making them for 15 years, stitches and glues the soles onto them. They are a great team.

The slippers are made from genuine Sheepskin’s that have been dyed offering a gorgeous array of colours to choose from: purple, pink, lime, blue, charcoal, cream, orange, turquoise, plum…. you name it. (Note: colours are subject to availability).



For years Frith and Jeremy have sold to Cape Town and they have just opened an etsy shop ( selling to everyone and a local South African website ( If your size and preferred colour is not there, then simply send them a convo and they will make it up for you in no time at all.


5 thoughts on “Sheepskin Slippers

  1. Marian says:

    HOw beautiful! I used to have this type of slippers when I was a kid!! how great!!! I like that they are dyed…funky!
    I was just today talking to my husband about how we all need slippers because winter is coming adn we are all walking barefoot around here….hmmmmmmmm


    good luck to them!

  2. Kim says:

    These are stunning! This post made me laugh, we were surrounded by sheep all w.e. in Arniston, and my husband kept saying, “look at all the sheep skin slippers” hehe,

    love the colours!

  3. ellen pauler says:

    I had a pair of sheepskin slippers for 10 year, my daughter who lives in Cape Town has sent me a new pair for my Christmas, they are the best slippers ever,and sooooo warm,I need the good ones as i live in Scotland. My old pair of slipper i handed in to the salvation army,as they were still good after 10 years.

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