Spotting PPC in Southern Africa

For the past three weeks I have been travelling through Botswana, Southern Zambia and Namibia. Traveling with my husband Jeremy and my parents-in-law we went up through the middle of Botswana to Kasane, then across to Vic Falls, over the top to the Caprivi Strip and Ethosha. Then back down to Cape Town through Namibia.

I grew up in Botswana so it is a very special place for me and I loved spotting these wonderful buildings painted in the Botcem design (Pretoria Portland Cement’s Botswana product) and cement bags being used.

Botcem Botswana Pandamatenga

Above: A Bar painted with the Botcem pattern in Pandamatenga.

Botcem On route to Nata

Above: A small kiosk painted in the Botcem design on route to Nata.

Building the roads to Francistown

Above: On the way up to Francistown they are busy rebuilding the main road. They are using PPC’s Botcem cement!

Building in Botswana

Above: In Kasane they were busy building with the Botcem bags.

Botcem bags going in to Chobe Kasane

Above: Bags packed on the back of a truck going into Chobe National Park. Chobe is properly 4×4 only (even though the map says that the roads should be gravel….well, they are not. The “roads” are in fact very soft deep desert sand and we only had a 2×4 with dif lock which was not enough!).

Below: When we headed up to Zimbabwe I spotted the Zimbabwean PPC brand of cement (green packaging)…

Zambia PPC Bags

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