The story of our Studio!

Welcome to our studio

It has always been a dream and goal of mine to have a studio (away from home) to work from. I’ve wandered into many studios and envied them – messy or not, it’s a space to be creative! The fear to commit to a rental agreement is one I cannot deny – I think every small business both looks both forward to the day they outgrow home and dreads this same growing pain. I feel quite lucky to have met Keri Muller from Simple Intrigue who was also looking for a studio to share in the same area of Cape Town. For over a year we visited premises and none of them felt right. I was close to giving up and had resigned to the fate that for 2014 I was probably going to have to give up a little bit more space at home for WREN to grow.

Early in December I said as much to Keri:- that I would wait until one of spaces in this exact location became available (because I thought they were all currently rented and the space looked nice). She replied: “Oh, this morning one listed on gumtree to rent I think!” The next day we went to see the place and although it was in a really bad condition (with Ivy growing through windows and the ceiling – see Instagram picture below), we both agreed that it was a space we could make work and wanted to make work.

Ivy 1 copy

The next month, just 30 days after deciding I was alright with the idea to keep working from home we were moving in!

We still have not moved in properly – there are boxes everywhere and it is a bit demakaar as South African’s would say (meaning happy chaos) – but I love it! To come home to a fresh space is wonderful and even if it is only a short-term joy, I am enjoying it for now.

Below: This is our workroom (with Salome).

Our workroom

Below: This is our showroom (half moved in).


Below: And this is our meeting space (the neatest nicest space of the entire studio!)

Meeting Space

Come pop in if you are in the area. It might not be neat, and you might have to step over a box or two for the next while but we are open!


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3 thoughts on “The story of our Studio!

  1. Monika says:

    Congratulations, Wendren! What a lovely and inviting place – and space!! I don’t think people will mind the boxes. I wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve.

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