Sway and their Muizenberg Mini-market

Sway is one of my favourite South African design brands. They design and produce simple garments in textiles that are hand-printed with unusual African graphic images in limited print runs.

The team consists of Ida, Petra and Antoinette du Plessis (below). As first year textile design students they started hand-printing their funky designs and today, almost 9 years later, they are still going strong producing fresh, innovative and delightful designs.

On Saturday – yes, this Saturday (11 May) – together Sway with 12 other fabulous local designers are hosting a mini market in Muizenberg with lots of pretty things to see and buy. I love markets, they are so interactive and fun. Unfortunately I’m away this weekend so I will miss it which is a real bummer but for everybody else who can make it…enjoy! :)