Too Good To Waste Design Exhbition in Munich, Germany


I am so excited to be participating in the Too Good to Waste Up-cycling Design Exhibition being held during Munich Creative Business Week next month! A few months back I received a call inviting WREN but it was not until last week that our tickets were booked and our visas approved that I knew for certain it was definitely on. And now…with 300kg of stock (which is an awful lot of bags and explains why I have been so inactive blogging), we will be participating in our first ever international exhibition and with great names such as Alison from Kunye, Heath Nash, Alex from The Kraal Gallery, Magpie and a group of German designers. The event is going to be amazing and I am sure I will learn a lot from the other designers.

AMB Coffee Travel Bag 1

If you are in Munich between then 7th and the 12th, stop by and say hi. Oh – it is also a sales event so if you want to buy there, you can. The exhibition is at the Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst and will be open from 11 till 8.

Screen shot 2012 01 23 at 10.49.19 PM

I hope to see you there…

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  1. Tracy says:

    That’s such great news! Well done on getting invited. Take lots of pics – I’d love to see what great stuff everyone is creating.

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