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The PPC Cement Bag’s beginning was similar to this. The design was more a result of playing with materials and allowing myself to be open to new experiences than an idea alone… I had been experimenting with fabric fusing and wondered if it would bond to paper. Some time later I was driving behind a PPC Cement truck laden with packaging, saw the elephant branding and thought it was pretty cool. What happened next was the creation – the PPC Cement Laptop Bag.

3 thoughts on “Unintitled 2

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    Annette says:

    very relevant insight, and true!
    It’s nice to hear about the ‘birth’ of your bags Wendren. I bet you were excited when you saw those elephants on the bags! I know I would have been.
    I was in an aeroplane going to Norway and I saw the cutest horse logo stitched onto the seat head covers. Very tempting! and I had many ideas going thru my head.
    Congratulations on being stocked in LIM! and I like the quote below too, is not all life uncertain, even with plans? Plans are merely well intentioned hope.

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