Our products are water resistant!

Did you know that due to special properties of our Nano environmentally friendly coating, the paper surface of our products are water and dirt resistant. This doesn’t mean that you should put it in the washing machine (although some customers have told me they have done this before with great success) BUT it does mean that if you accidentally spill a glass of water on it and wipe it off, your paper will be fine. If you are standing in the rain, your bag will not disintegrate. Depending on the use and friction, this coating lasts two years.

It must be said though that Wren products are, above anything, made from REAL paper and should be treated as such. Scissors will cut the surface! Extensive rubbing after being wet or leaving water on it for an extended period of time will compromise the integrity of the paper and could result in warping or damage. We do our best to ensure durability to a point of common sense.

On top of the “rain-proof” coating we guarantee that our bags will last at least two years and that you can carry up to 5kg (the paper has a weight strength of up to 12kg!!!). We check every product before going out but sometimes problems only arise after a bit of time. Please let us know if you have any manufacturing* defect with the product and we will gladly exchange it ex postage.

If you have any further queries about the durability, care and use of your Wren product please get in touch.

*problems such as stitching, press studs, metal clips, magnets or strap