#Wreninktober Campaign

WHAT IS INKTOBER? #Inktober is a international drawing challenge started by Jake Parker with the idea to create a drawing every day of October improve skill and develop positive drawing habits.

HOW WE DID INKTOBER 2019: Artists, doodlers and designers were invited to participate. We sent them “ink packs” that contained a Natural Slim Wallet, Natural Square Wallet and or a Natural Travel Folder and the #inktober’s theme prompt list. They drew on the Wallet, we shared the pictures on our instagram and facebook page and then we organised collection.

wren Inktober collage

Thank you to the #Wreninktobercampaign artists: Tori Stowe (image featured above), Sad Sod Tatoos, Nico, Apara Maney, Toni De Beer, Heather Moore, Kathryn Pitchulik, Marc Caplan, Bridget Hendersen, Luke De Ravin, Fernanda Tobias, Cynthia Sithole, Siobhan Rohlwink Coutts, Sharon Boonzaier, Steph Kambourakis, Serge, Mike Chisin (second image featured above), Andrew Donaldson, Bernice Lizamore, Amy Anstey, Melany Hodgson, Wendren Setzer and Amy Keevy. (Your coupon vouchers will be on their way shortly) **All artwork copyrights are reserved by the artist. 

DOING MORE: We wanted to do more and share the joy of doodling, painting and drawing with those who have perhaps never had the opportunity of taking ink to paper or working with pencils other than an HB. We did some research and came across three fantastic charities that facilitate art workshops for children  in underprivileged areas.  

Proceeds from the sale of the #wreninkotobercampaign products will be used to purchase the art supplies required by these charities.

We hope that out of this at least one child will discover his or her artistic talent, or that his or her entrepreneurial spirit be awakened, or that he or she discover an activity that brings them enjoyment.

HOW DO I GET ONE: #wreninktobercampaign products will be for sale exclusively from our shop The Collective at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town for the month of November or until stock lasts.