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Styled Sleeves

For a day we converted our floor and spraying table into a makeshift photo studio...

DIY Photostudio

Our latest make shift photo studio.

Lovely South Africa Toile Design

Remember the South African Toile I designed way back when? Well, now it’s got a [...]

Ladder makeover

I spent the weekend bent over this sad-looking ladder. I sanded it until I turned [...]

Screen Printing

My screen was not that big so I could use the carosoule. The carosoule is [...]

Preparing for printing

Screen printing is a fairly simple if you have the correct equipment and know how. [...]

Coffee Bag Carpet

For my stall at the Biscuit Mill I needed a carpet …. so I made [...]

Make it out of nothing…

The 1st year Surface Design Students at CPUT did a project called the “Paradigm Shift [...]

The ‘Lightning’ Pet-bed Suitcase

This weekend I tackled the ‘how much is that doggy in the suitcase’ project. I [...]