The ‘Lightning’ Pet-bed Suitcase

This weekend I tackled the ‘how much is that doggy in the suitcase’ project. I got an old suitcase from my grandmother. The back hinges were broken (so we turned the suitcase around), the lining had disintegrated and the top frame was barely held together.

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Equipped with a tub of Genkem Contact Glue and a staple gun I tackled reupholstering the suitcase.

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Jeremy’s mom (ie boyfriend’s mom) makes gorgeous sheepskin slippers and keeps all the scrap. For the inside pillow we punched and stitched these scraps together to make a sheepskin quilt.

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When we were finished we placed two pillows inside the suitcase and covered them with the sheepskin quilt. The suitcase pet-bed was complete!

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The dogs are not normally allowed inside but whenever there is lightning they cry at my door all night long if I do not let them in. Now I can let them in and not have to worry about waking up to a room full of dog hair.

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I have three dogs. It was a bit of a bun fight to get whoever was in out so that they each could have a turn.

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Poor Shaka, the really old Staffy who has very bad arthritis in his hips, barely fits in the suitcase pet-bed. However, once in, it takes him no less than 5 minutes to start snoring.

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My petbed is not nearly as beautiful as Kirsten’s but my three smiley-faced dogs think it is the BEST! :)

7 thoughts on “The ‘Lightning’ Pet-bed Suitcase

  1. kirsten says:

    its great!!! good job reupholstering! i’m impressed!!! my mom has the exact same library card file chest thingy that you put the bed under! she got it for free from our church library when they went “digital”
    great job!!

  2. Kristina says:

    That is so sweet and hilarious. I remember flipping out when I saw this on design sponge- I’m so glad Kirsten’s project won.

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