I believe in…

I decided to write down all the things that make me smile in the day and things I believe in. From only a few things it grew into a rather long list.

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I believe in the value of things well made.
I believe in valuing experiences over material things.
I believe that handmade things are superior to mass-produced, because they are experiential.
I believe in using what is around me first.
I believe in reading at least one non-fictional book (one that challenges my thinking, teaches me something or opens me up to a new world) and one nonsense, dreamy and romantic story book once a month.
I believe in always being mindful of minimizing the waste that I produce.
I believe in things with a story. It has soul and heart if it has a history.
I believe in board-shorts.
I believe in good high-heel shoes.
I believe in helping others in the community, especially those less fortunate than me.
I believe that being an inspiration is more important than being inspired.
I believe in clean lines and simplicity.
I believe in intricate detailing.
I believe in sublte feminity.
I believe in good coffee. No buts.
I believe in smiling.
I believe that good design is an investment and what defines good design – oh, but that depends on SO many things.
I believe in trying new things.
I believe in using my imagination.
I believe it is time to end this manifesto now before I get too carried away.

0 thoughts on “I believe in…

  1. La Woodstock says:

    I believe in people who believe in something!
    I believe in simple things that make me smile, I believe in love, I believe in my hands, I believe in those people who think that the word is a good place to live… :)

    thank you for sharing this list!!
    Have a great day!!

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