Botanical Mini Sleeve


The Botanical Mini sleeve (or clutch) is made out of reclaimed, digitally printed paper, fused for strength, padded to protect, and coated to be water-resistant.

Original artwork by Sharon Bonzaaier, inspired by the richest floral kingdom in the world; The Cape Floral Kingdom. One of the smallest in size but yet it is home to 8600 plant species and some 5000 of which occur nowhere else in the world. Fed by the South-easterly winds, hidden from time to time under blankets of cloud, the Cape Flora and its beautiful creatures cover the surface of the Botanical artwork.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE WWF. A bee may be small but by working together, the role they play in the lifecycle of the plants is uncontested. Likewise, when people work together greatness can be achieved. A percentage of the sale of every A BEAUTIFUL WORLD is donated to the WWF to educate, preserve and conserve the few remaining wilderness areas and their creatures.

*A special bee is gold foiled onto the design as a reminder of the great significance such a small creature can have.

Please check our sizing chart here to find the right fit for your device.

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