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the PPC Cement Laptop Bag story

The story about how the PPC Cement Laptop Bag came to be is rather straight forward > I was at a shoe factory ordering shoes (pumps to be specific) one random day and they were showing me how they made them. Part of the procedure is to fuse the desired outer fabric to a cotton […]


See how it lasts

When I started making the PPC Cement Laptop Bags I sent Alexa – my friend in Switzerland – one to ‘test’ for me. I knew she would love the bag but I also knew she would not handle the bag with any special care (becuase that is her personality). This was perfect for me becuase […]


RAPO – New Cement Laptop Bag

If you could not decide between the black OPC or the red Surebuild PPC Cement Laptop Bag then the RAPO bag is your answer. The RAPO PPC Cement Laptop bag is a mix with the text red and the background black. I think it looks very cool. The inside instructions have changed a bit – […]