Square Paper Billfold Wallet

With many requests for a billfold and coin wallet I took to the drawing board – or board room table! Here I cut, folded and stitched over 20 card, coin and note wallets before I stumpled across a single pattern fold that meets the needs and wants of you – our customer!

Inspired by origami folding which looks at careful and clever construction, this billfold wallet is made from a single pattern piece of paper. Held together with precise measurements and stitch, the Square Wallet has 4 card pockets – each that can hold multiple cards, a billfold large enough to fit all currencies, and a hidden coin compartment.

The coin compartment fits flush between the back and the middle layer of the wallet and is our favourite feature making this wallet truly unique. 

All sections snap together, keeping the wallet super slim and compact, by a central magnet, tucked away from cards to prevent causing any damage.  

88mm (w) x 105mm (h) x 10mm (d)

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