SURE Range of PPC Cement Laptop Bags

PPC have launched new packaging for their new sure range.  

Wren’s PPC Cement Laptop Bags are our best known product and they have been renewed with new designs and colours. 

Do you know our story?
Whilst driving behind a truck loaded with PPC Cement Bags, Wendren noticed the very iconic branding with the elephant and thought that the graphic and material: paper, would made a great bag! Odd one right? Months later, with some out-of-the-box creativity, the PPC Cement Laptop Bag, as we know its’ silhouette today, was developed.  Read more here.

A PPC laptop bag inspired youth to complete masters
Over the years we have had some incredible stories shared with us about our products. These include bags that have flown around the world with a pilot for over 8 years, a couple who found love with the introduction of a PPC Cement Laptop and this story shared about a student inspired to complete his Masters qualification.  

We share our storiesWith awareness can come change.

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