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  1. wendren says:

    Thaya – It should be. However, the reality is that bills have to get paid every month and when you are your income, you need to find a balance between them …. but you are right and you have just reminded me of that. Perhaps that is why I am feeling so ‘uninspired’ at the moment:- I have not been ‘investing’ in ‘creating’. How did I forget this!!!???

  2. Thaya says:

    Jees, don’t be so hard on yourself, I think you’ve been creating plenty! And I think now is the time when you’re just going to have to be a machine, until the 15th of January, when the holidays end early, and then you can take a break! What I’ve been thinking about, is doing something completely different, so for instance, if you create handbags for a living, maybe you should try your hand at knitting egg cup cosies in the evening,….as a creative diversion, in a way! Know what I’m sayin? Or draw! Its the most wonderfully relaxing activity. So get out that charcoal girl, and doodle your self some sweet pictures :)

  3. Marisa says:

    I live in a bit of a fantasy world where I believe that “developing, learning and creating without any purpose other than growing” is the main objective. Unfortunately, the fantasy couldn’t care less about the real world and vice versa. It’s a constant battle I tell you.

  4. Thaya says:

    hehe@marisa! Yes, and then when some cash finally comes in, you’ve been in arrears for months and goes into that bottomless pit! This guy is brilliant, incredible.

  5. jurgen says:

    OMG – this is awesome! Seeing as i was recently retrenched, this video has helped me realise that I can rather consider myself on sabbatical, and I will definitely write this idea of frequent sabbaticals into my new business’s business plan! I also absolutely love the Beethoven logo generator software at 11:25 in the video-wow!

  6. wendren says:

    Thaya – You could have read my mind. Once I am finished moderating students work (theses and final projects – hopefully by the end of the week), I will be taking up some random creative project. In fact, I am very tempted to abandon the moderating and start tonight…

    Marisa – I love your ‘fantasy’ reality. Do you have space for one more in the story? Things always have a way of working themselves out, I believe – perhaps we just have to give things time. Stefan takes a whole year to live in his ‘fantasy reality’ after all …

    Jurgen – I am so glad the video was inspirational. I think you will have employees queuing at the door if they read there is a sabbatical in their job. I would…

  7. Marisa says:

    Yes, Stefan seems to have quite the knack for it. There should be a course you can take on “How to Live Successfully in a Fantasy Reality”.
    But in the meantime, I think regularly taking time out for creative work or play or just daydreaming is absolutely essential for everyone, even (maybe especially) for those of us who make our living out of our creativity.

  8. Florcita says:

    What an interesting talk. I hadn’t seen this one before.
    I took a 4 month sabattical about 10 yrs ago. That’s when I went to Europe to travel around for 3 months, not many plans…just a bagpack…not much money but very eager to live on a can of peas a day if that allowed me to get into museums or just sit at Les Tuileries and look around as Parisians went about their day.
    I met the guy who later became my husband and changed my whole life… it was hard, it was challenging… but it was the best thing I did my whole life.

    I suppose Im a bit lat e for my second sabattical… I should count this 3 months here back in my homeland as such… :)

    Good luck with your designs or recovering your muse…

  9. heather moore says:

    Love the idea of a sabbatical. Every now and again I take a week out from my regular “have to” list, and even that little amount of time makes a massive difference. Got to do it again soon!