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One of my favourite things about my ‘job’ (in inverted commas becuase Wren isn’t really a job), is finding new places that I would probably otherwise never have known about. The Chief Directorate of Mapping and Survey in Woodstock is my most recent find. I realise that this probably does not sound very exciting but I got to go into the archival rooms and open draw upon draw and discover maps from years ago and to be honest, being in such an ‘old world’ space was somewhat special.


When I first went there I asked for the maps they no longer needed. They showed me this HUGE pile but quickly added that they could not give them to me. For months I have been writing letters to various people explaining what I hoped to do with them and finally I was given permission to collect them. The maps will be going to the Hope Factory to be made into gift bags for Wren.


I searched for a beautiful set of wooden architecture drawers (as it is seemingly becoming my life long goal and dream to find one) but sadly they all seem to have been replaced with these grey metal ones (above). However there is something inspirational in the starkness and assembled line-up of these grey drawers.


There were also rows of old books. Lined up at the end of the grey drawers this space felt like I gone back in time with its wooden shelves and hand bound books.

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