Wren products featured on the fashion ramps

Last month WREN joined Mille Collines beautiful collection on the fashion ramps at The African Fashion International Show in Johannesburg with complimenting digitally printed laptop sleeves.

Mille Collines10.1

The show, celebrating all things Africa, was dedicated to Aamito Lagum and her beautiful lips. Mille Collines, co-founded by Inés Cuatrecasas and Marc Oliver last year is a truly Afro-politan label with its roots stretching from Kigali in Rwanda to Cape Town in South Africa.

Mille Collines4.1

Cuatrecasas calls Curio l city cosmopolitan, elegant and artisanal. “We took our inspiration from the curio shops found throughout Africa and their disconnect with today’s Africa. We understand the nostalgia associated with curios and reinterpreted them to reflect the cosmopolitan, globalised Africa African women live in today. We took the most obvious elements that non-Africans consider ‘African’ and expressed them in a contemporary way.”

Mille Collines-17.1

Curio l city is available from the Mille Collines online store and at their boutique in Nairobi.

What a privilege to be part of this collaboration. Thank you Mille!
Photography credits: SDR Photo

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